Terms and conditions

§ 1

The following Terms and Conditions regarding a translation service (“Order”) carried out by English Connection Biuro Tłumaczeń Barbara Jackowska (“Contractor”) concern Orders submitted via email to email address biuro@englishconnection.com.pl, in person, by post or courier in a paper form. Submission of the Order in such manner shall be tantamount to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by a person placing the Order (“Ordering Party”).

§ 2

The Contractor shall carry out the Order in line with terms of the Order agreed with the Ordering Party, i.e. within a specified time limit, payment conditions (“Fee”), in an agreed format, in line with specific guidelines concerning delivery. The Contractor and the Ordering Party shall agree the terms and conditions of the Order in person, orally (in person or via telephone) or in writing (by post or email). The Contractor shall carry out the Order in a professional manner, in compliance with standards of good practice and rules provided in the Code of a Sworn Translator of the Polish Association of Sworn and Specialized Translators.

§ 3

The Order shall be considered carried out on time if it was delivered to the Ordering Party or carried out within a time limit specified in the Order and is ready for collection by the Ordering Party in the specified term. In the case of translations sent via email, the translation shall be deemed delivered the moment it has been sent to the email address of the Ordering Party by the Contractor. In the case of translations sent by post or courier, the translation shall be deemed delivered the moment a registered letter containing the translation or missed post delivery note has been delivered by Poczta Polska or a courier has appeared under a specified address, at a specified time. The Contractor shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery of a ready translation for reasons not attributable to the Contractor. In justified cases, in particular such as serious illnesses or reasons attributable to the Ordering Party, the Contractor may extend the time limit for execution of the Order or cancel the Order.

§ 4

Translation Fees are calculated on the basis of the number of translation pages of a translated text. A translation page consists of 1600 (regular translation) or 1125 (sworn translation) of characters with spaces. The number of pages in the case of a regular translation shall be rounded to a 0.5 page and in the case of a sworn translation any number of characters and spaces from 1 to 1125 shall be counted as 1 page. One page is a minimum Order. The total Fee for carrying out the Order shall be calculated as multiplication of the number of translated pages with the rate per one page of translation. The Fee for the Order is the final cost and shall not be increased with any additional payments or taxes.

§ 5

If the Ordering Party cancels the Order after it has been accepted, the Ordering Party shall pay a fee to the Contractor for work which has already been done. The Ordering Party shall be obliged to pay the Fee for interpreting Orders if the Order is cancelled on the day of its execution. However, cancellation of the Order for interpreting not later than 24 hours before agreed execution shall not entail any obligation to pay the Fee.

§ 6

The Contractor shall be materially liable for any defects in the translation however her liability shall be limited to the value of the Fee payable for the Order. In the case of Orders executed in the express mode the liability of the Contractor for defects shall be excluded. However, the Contractor shall remedy possible defects within a considerable time limit. In the event of force majeure which renders execution of the Order after it has been accepted impossible, the liability of the Contractor shall be excluded. Any complaints concerning translation or interpreting shall be filed in within 5 days of carrying out the Order. No complaints shall be handled past the time limit specified in the preceding sentence.

§ 7

The Ordering Party shall make timely payments of the Fee payable to the Contractor on the basis of an invoice provided to the Ordering Party. The payment shall be effected within 14 calendar days of carrying out the Order and delivery of the translation. Any delays in payment of the Fee shall be subject to penalty statutory interest. The Contractor shall resort to court action to recover the receivables and shall charge the Ordering Party with costs of such proceedings in the event of further delay in payment of the Fee after providing a Payment Request to the Ordering Party. In justified cases the Contractor may require an advance payment or payment of the total Fee in advance prior to execution of the Order. In such case the Contractor shall start her work when the due amount has been credited in the bank account of English Connection Biuro Tumaczeń or upon receipt of an electronic bank confirmation that such payment has been effected by the Ordering Party.

§ 8

The Contractor shall have the right to amend the Terms and Conditions.

§ 9

To all matters not settled in the Terms and Conditions appropriate provisions of the Polish Civil Code (Dz.U. of 1964 no. 16 item 93 as amended) and Copyright and Related Rights Act (uniform text: Dz.U. of 2000, no. 80 item 904) shall apply.