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    You are at the right site! I am a sworn translator and interpreter of the English language with more than a 10-year practice. Extensive experience, professionalism, timeliness and attractive rates are my assets!
    Business and legal English, public documents. Translation and interpreting.
    Attractive rates and terms!

    Do not pay translation agency fees! Order your translation/interpreting service directly with me.

  • Specialized translation

    Translation – legal, finance, banking, insurance English and public documents, i.e. different civil law agreements, bank documents, annual reports, notarial deeds, certificates, diplomas, etc.

    Interpreting – legal, finance, banking, insurance English, i.e. business meetings, conferences, notarial deeds, lodging documents in offices, etc.

Barbara Jackowska – sworn translator and interpreter of the English language – number TP/241/06 in the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters of the English language.

Experience and professionalism

Thousands of translated documents and hundreds of hours of interpreting in the field of my specialization! Satisfaction and security of my clients are my priority.

Translation and interpreting

Sworn and regular translation and interpreting. Certification and proofreading. Different order modes. Attractive rates and discounts.

Individual and corporate clients

Services for individual clients, corporations and institutions. Cooperation and confidentiality agreements on request.

„Translators live off the differences between languages, all the while working toward eliminating them.”

Edmond Cary

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